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‘standing taller, moving better’

Physiotherapy + Rehabilitative Exercise + Clinical Plates in Sutherland

‘standing taller, moving better’

At Pilatesfocus, we combine our skills as Physiotherapists with our understanding of ideal movement patterns and exercise prescription to help you to be ‘standing taller and moving better’

We specialise in the management of complex low back pain, Sacro-Iliac joint dysfunction, scoliosis, Spondylolisthesis/pars defect, Labral hip tears, post hip arthroscopy hip, shoulder and neck pain.

Pilatesfocus offers:

Physiotherapy Consultation

Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation Exercise (Semi-Private)

Physiotherapy Group Consultation (4 clients to 1 physiotherapist)

Physiotherapy Class Consultation

Muscle Energy Techniques

Real-Time Ultrasound Assessments

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Workers Compensation rehabilitation

Individualised home exercise programs

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We assess each patient individually, then suggest treatments and exercise therapies that suit their stage of rehabilitation. We progress our patients with more challenging exercises once they have responded well to treatment so that you are ‘standing taller and moving better’.

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We offer Physiotherapy Consultations, Small Group and Class Consultations via Telehealth to ensure we protect everyone’s health.

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In-person and online physiotherapy and Studio Sessions sessions are available to meet your healthcare requirement and comply with COVID Safe guidelines.


We are located on the corner of Stapleton Ave and Glencoe Street, on the first floor. For detailed instructions on how to get here, please click here.

Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT)

Cognitive Functional Therapy is an integrated behavioural approach for the targeted management of disabling low back pain. It is underpinned by a multidimensional clinical reasoning framework in order to identify the modifiable and non-modifiable factors associated with an individual’s disabling LBP.

Our principal Physiotherapist, Carolyn Cole, was one of the selected Physiotherapists to undergo rigorous training to become a CFT-trained Physiotherapist.

This training took place in 2018, the trained therapists treated patients in 2019-2020.

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Results were published in the Lancet and the Sydney Morning Herald in May 2023. Please visit the Restore Back Pain website to learn more about this insightful study.

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Meet the Team

At Pilatesfocus, we combine Pilates informed exercises, hands-on physiotherapy and the latest research in rehabilitative exercise.

Carolyn established PilatesFocus in 2002 after working in both Australia and London as a physiotherapist and Pilates practitioner. Find out more…

Talk to us about your physiotherapy, rehabilitation or Workcover needs.