What we do

We take the time to understand the cause of your problem and what is important to you. We begin with a thorough assessment, looking at your movement patterns and muscle imbalances. We will help you understand the cause of your injury and identify contributing factors to help you make sense of your condition.

We will suggest a treatment plan, including strategies and exercises, to suit your stage of rehabilitation. As we progress your rehabilitation, we will provide you with the skills to move with confidence and less pain. We will maintain and improve your mobility and strength while giving you the skills to manage and prevent further injury, giving you the confidence to get back to doing what you love and be “standing taller and moving better”.

Pilatesfocus offers:

Physiotherapy Consultation

Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation Exercise (Semi-Private)

Physiotherapy Group Consultation (4 clients to 1 physiotherapist)

Physiotherapy Class Consultation

Muscle Energy Techniques

Real-Time Ultrasound Assessments

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Workers Compensation rehabilitation

Individualised home exercise programs

Call us now on 02 8539 7111 to book your initial consultation with one of our experienced physiotherapists and get yourself on the road to ‘standing taller & moving better’.

We can see you in private in our consulting room.

Real-Time Ultrasound.

Fully equipped, spacious studio.

Prescriptive exercises can address muscle imbalance.

Hands-on Treatment.

Learn to move with confidence and less pain.

Meet the Team

At Pilatesfocus, we combine Pilates informed exercises, hands-on physiotherapy and the latest research in rehabilitative exercise.

Carolyn Cole, Principal Physiotherapist + Pilates Instructor, Owner

Carolyn established PilatesFocus in 2002 after working in both Australia and London as a physiotherapist and Pilates practitioner. Find out more…

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