What we do

What we do

We appreciate that everybody’s needs are different. We offer a wide range of services that can help you reach your health and fitness goals – pain management, rehabilitation, general fitness, peak performance and general toning.


The Pilates Method trains you to use the deep, stabilising, postural muscles which are often overlooked with more aerobic forms of exercise.


At Pilatesfocus, we look at movement patterns, address muscle imbalances and train you in the appropriate control of the deeper stabilising muscles. By guiding and progressing the appropriate control of your stabilising muscles as you move in different directions and under different loads, we can help you to be ‘standing taller & moving better’.

Pilatesfocus offers:


• Private Pilates sessions

• Semi-Private Pilates sessions (2 clients to 1 instructor)

• Small group studio sessions (4 clients to 1 instructor)

• Group classes – Mat and Swiss Ball

• One-on-one Physiotherapy

• Muscle Energy Techniques

• Real Time Ultrasound Therapy

• Cranial Sacral Therapy

• Workers Compensation rehabilitation

• Individual home exercise programs

• Dry needling

It doesn’t matter if you have an injury you need to improve or you just want to get fit and strong, the therapists at PilatesFocus can help you.

Call us now to book your initial consultation with one of our experienced physiotherapists and get yourself on the road to ‘standing taller & moving better’.

We can see you in private in our consulting room.

Real Time Ultrasound can help you get stronger.

We are fully equipped – get into peak condition.

Pilates exercises can help address muscle imbalance.

We focus on getting you helping you get stronger.

Getting stronger can help with pain management.